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RoDejAn is a British, London-based family-run clothing label, offering a wide range of luxury unisex outerwear, t-shirts, accessories, and hoodies all made in Great Britain.


RoDejAn started because our founder noticed something while going through her own turbulent moment at work before quitting her job to start the company. As she went to and from work, many times announcements of train delays were made due to people committing suicide on the tracks. She thought the announcements were far too frequent and that was when she thought what if?


What if those people were looking for a sign not to go through with the idea of taking their own lives? What if they were asking God or the universe to show them a sign or something that could change their minds? Perhaps someone walking past with the writing on their clothing could be that subliminal message to trigger a positive response in convincing them not to give up. 


If we touch one life we may inspire a positive butterfly effect that might impact many other lives.


This business is a legacy for the founder's children who play a huge part in the business as Creative Directors.


We think extremely carefully about the messages we put on our items. We might be fashionable but we are fashion with a purpose!